Past & Sold "Micro " and "
TeaCup "  Puppies
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Adopted by
Earlene & family
from Texas !
Adopted by Teela &
family from Arizona !
Adopted by
Elizabeth & Larry
from California!
Adopted by
Sheila S. &
family from
Maine !
Meet my new
adoptive family
Meet my new adoptive
family on facebook
adoptive family
on facebook
Meet my new adoptive
family on facebook
Meet my new
adoptive family
on facebook
Adopted by
BriBri from
New Jersey!
Adopted by
Maryjo M. &
family from
NY !
& family from
Adopted by
Midland , Tx
Adopted by SHEILA S. from
Maine ~Sheila's second
puppy purchased from us !
Adopted by a
wonderful family
in Arizona
wonderful family
from New Jersey, their
second  puppy
purchased from us!
Adopted by
John from
Adopted by
Colleen from
Adopted by Rita
W. & family
from California !
Adopted by Tim
&Ashley  from Calgary
, Alberta Canada

Adopted by
Leanna B.
and family
from ft Myers, Florida
Adopted Locally by
Rianna Marie B. from
Adopted Locally by a
wonderful family in
Adopted by
Deborah and
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Tucson , Las Vegas.  Teacup puppies for sale, teacup puppies,  puppies for sale,  puppies are available here on this website.   We have super tiny  puppies available now.
Welcome to our Sold puppy page ! You will find that we carry a variety of teacup and micro puppies ranging from Shihtzus, Yorkies , Pomeranians, Maltipoos , poodles, malteses & Chihuahuas .We have the
very best looking puppies they have true teddy bear faces and real baby doll face qualities ranging between 2 to 4 lbs grown. You are more than welcome to join our
waiting list club , to get first pick on all
upcoming puppies .Most Adoptive families are on our facebook page , make sure to join our
facebook page to meet the families and see their puppies purchased from us,  grow  everyday.
Enjoy the pictures :)