Upon purchasing a teacup puppy through  TeacupsPomeranian , we will automatically
cover your puppy for an entire year and will guarantee your TeaCup Puppy
Congenital Defects
. If it is found to have a congenital disorder , we will ask that the
examining vet sends us the vet examination results .The puppy be returned exactly the
way that it was sold , within 48 hrs time and a refund will be given . If the claim is
after the 48 hrs, a refund is no longer available but depending on the situation , a
credit can be issued upon return of the purchased puppy .This coverage will  be valid
and will take effect only if your puppy  has visited a licensed vet within 48 hrs
(business days) of your purchase. If not, the one year guarantee will be null and void ,
no exception. A proof will be needed if the Policy is in question, and we will call your
vet to verify this information. Remember that in order to make a claim , we will need a
death certificate (necropsy) and  the cause of death. Also a proof that an autopsy has
been performed  is required in order to proceed with the claim.

*** Additional &  Optional  ***

We are now offering a " LifeTime Guarantee " at an additional cost of $ 350. This
Guarantee will  cover the Entire Life of your TeaCup Puppy should something happen
to him / her throughout its Entire life.

The LifeTime Guarantee is additional , It must be purchased at the time of purchase
and before your teacup puppy leaves our facility . The cost for this guarantee is
and this offer will be added to your total if one decides to purchase it .

The LifeTime Guarantee will give you a chance to replace your teacup puppy and  
will be applied toward your next purchase .

For more details , please
 Email us today.

Read Testimonies Below

"Thank you , I purchased the Lifetime guarantee in May 2009,
Unfortunately my baby died while crossing the street , it was devastating to the whole
family,especially my children but thanks to your guarantee ,I was able to get another
puppy for almost half the cost and now our hearts are healing with our new tiny
baby.Thank you again to everyone at Teacupspomeranian"
                                                                   Jessica from Ohio

"I was outside with Matti and he wondered off and i lost him, I was totally devastated
.We tried putting posters out everywhere,but after a few months we gave up hope, we
knew who ever would find Mattie would probably keep him, he was just so precious,
we luckily had purchased the "lifetime guarantee " with Teacupspomeranian and we
were able to find another teacup yorkie just like Mattie a few days later, thank you so
much for helping us out, the 40% discount helped out so much ,greatly appreciate it."
                                                      Mike from Ontario

"I will forever be greatful for this lifetime guarantee, it enable me to replace
my puppy at half the cost that i purchased it , Thank you Teacupspomeranian
for offering such an amazing insurance.
John Mesa , Arizona