Questions & Answers

Are you a Puppy Mill ?

Absolutely Not ! As you can see we don't have 50 puppies at one given time,
which only means that we DO NOT run a puppy mill . All TeaCup puppies are
hand raised, socialised and run free in our home. We show on every video  , how
they live amongst us in our home. They are potty trained, socialized and
showered with lots of affection. When they arrive to your home, they are always
ready for their new family. You can read all our
reviews  of happy customers or
you can personally come to see where and how all of our puppies are living right
here, in our home !

Are they potty trained ?

As a matter of fact , we potty train all our puppies at a very young age. By the
time they arrive to their new adoptive homes,  they are already familiar with the
newspaper smell .We work with them to go potty in their dog litter, so once they
do arrive to your new home, we suggest that you continue with the newspaper
training, always taking into consideration that your puppy should always be
supervised .We suggest a play pen , which is a closed in area, where your puppy
could continue to learn his/her potty training  in a controlled area.

Do your puppies have health issues because of they are  small in size?

We understand your concerns,  a lot of puppy mills "in breed"  and sell small
puppies without concerns of their health or without having them vet. check. As
for us , we have them vet  checked at least 3 times by the time they find a new
home .We have NEVER had any health issues with none of our puppies. If we did
find that something was wrong with them, we would NOT sell them to the public.

Are Pomeranians , Yorkies or Chihuahua barkers and  are they Aggressive?

Most Puppies have similar personalities, usually they are fearless, friendly ,
loving and social. Once they go to  their new homes, it is the responsibility of
their new owners to treat them with respect and raise them properly. A dog
becomes the reflection of the owner. So the way you will treat them and raise
them is going to be the way your dog will learn to respect you and its

Is it better to purchase a Male or a Female ?

The sex of the puppy is a personal choice, there is no difference , either sex can
make the best pet. Again its the way that you will raise them that will make the
difference between a good pet or not. Remember that when your teacup is
neutered or spayed it does help the male to be less territorial and the female with
her heat cycle.

Should I spay or neuter my teacup puppy ?

We recommend that you do , but we strongly suggest that you wait until they are a
year old and over  so that they are a little more mature, and bigger and more
ready for the anesthesia that will be administered. Please keep in mind that there
is always a risk to put your tiny teacup under anesthesia,so make sure you bring
your puppy to a reputable vet , that has experience with tiny teacup puppies.

Is it safe to have the puppy travel in Cargo  ?

Absolutely! No matter what the size of the puppy is, we always make sure that all
puppies are shipped around 9 to 12 weeks of age, which is a perfect age to let
them fly on their own. We fly our puppies with the best and most reliable airlines
Continental Airline. All our puppies are fed prior to travel and they have
plenty of food and water in their safe kennel to go through their safe  journey .We
make sure they have sweaters if its cold , toys and blanket , which makes them
feel safe. The cargo area is pressurised,  safe and pets travel in cargo all year long
with no problems. You can you chose to have your puppy hand delivered (at an
extra cost to the buyer) , but if not,  all puppies are shipped via cargo safely.

Should I get the " Lifetime Warranty" ?

It is suggested that a "Lifetime Warranty " be purchased at the same time as your
puppy purchase. It cover the entire life of your puppy and if something should
happen throughout its life span, you will be given  a 40% discount on your next
purchase on your next puppy purchase through Tinyteacupworld store .You can
read more about it here
Lifetime Warranty .

How does the " Waiting list " work ?

Because Tiny TeaCup can be hard to find and very rare , they get sold very
quickly .We suggest that you add yourself to the waiting list , which gives you
advantages, discounts and ables us to find the puppy that you have been
dreaming of very quickly! You can read more about the waiting list advantages
Waiting List.

Why are the Registration Papers Additional ?

Most TeaCup puppies are way too tiny to be bred , because we are against the
breeding process , we have limited most registrations and we have decided to
make the papers a more challenging item to acquire and in some cases we do not
offer the puppies , since we want to keep the breeding rights.  

Why Was i Denied the purchase of a Teacup?

We always like to know about the families that will be adopting our new teacup
babies. We interview in person or on the phone all of the potential adoptive
families. We do (in some occasions), deny a family from owning/purchasing one
of our little babies based on our intuition, feelings and interviews .It is important
that the adoptive families understand that we only want the best for our teacups
and we strive to give them the best loving & safe environment , that they deserve
as they have had here among us, in our home.

How do you base your price for each Teacup Puppy ?

Our prices reflect the time devoted to their care , the size, the quality and rarity
of the breed. It is very hard to find a tiny teacup. The smaller the puppy, the more
fragile, the more care they need,more supervision ,love and attention they will
need, and most of the time, they cannot be adopted until they are ten to twelve
weeks of age. We give them 24 hrs care around the clock and we make sure they
are 100% healthy before they go to their new homes.