International Shipping

We can ship puppies Internationally with our puppy Nanny service.

Please note that transport fees are $2500 and up depending on where
you are located for 1 puppy travel with our nanny to you .
With our puppy nanny service our puppies travel in cabin and are
hand delivered to your closest airport. It is your responsibility to let us
know all requirements for entering your country with the puppy and  
we need to know exactly what airport we are traveling to.
Most European countries travel is between $2500- $3500 as this
includes service fee , hotel stay , airline travel fees. The USDS
Paperwork is not included in these fees and is a charge of $350 per
puppy on top of the nanny fees.


Below are the regulations that we must follow . The fees for 1 puppy to
travel to the UK with puppy nanny will be $3500 to $ 4000 depending
which airport.

STEP 1  
Have your pet microchip before any of the other procedures for pet
travel are carried out for proper identification.

Have your pet vaccinated against rabies . No exemption .
The length of time of the waiting period before entry to the UK is 21
days after the first vaccination date.

(Get pet travel documentation.)
For animals being prepared in an EU country , you should get an EU
pet passport.
If you are preparing  your animal in a non-EU listed country or
territoriy you will need to obtain an official third coutry veterinary
vertificate( apart Croatia, gibralltar, norway,San Marino & Switzerland
who also issue pet passports.)

Tapeworm Treatment. The pet must be treated for tapeworm .The
treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hrs and not
more than 120 hours ( 1-5 days) before its scheduled arrival time in
the UK.

NOTE: No treatment required for dogs entering the UK from Finland
,Ireland or Malta.

Arrange for your animal to travel with an approved transport comapny
on an authorised route .Your pet must enter the UK from a listed country
or territiry travelling with an approved transport company on a
authorised route.