Terms & Conditions

Tiniest Teacup puppies  sells  puppy as pets only within the USA , Canada & International. We offer a
one year  guarantee on all of our puppies against congenital defects( a defect that can kill it only ) .
please note that minor defects such as worms , patella luxation knee(s), coccidia , giardia, cherry eye ,
hernia(s) are not congenital defects that will kill it and therefore do not apply for a full  refund . This
guarantee will only be valid if the customer sees a certified veterinary within 3 days  ( business days )
(holidays excluded) from the date the  puppy is  purchased and received  . Proof of veterinarian visit
will be required if the puppy is said to  have a life threatening health issues within 3 days . A refund  or
credit may be applied .If a refund or credit is applied, the puppy must be returned to us with all of its
paper work just as it was originally received and in the same condition . Customer is liable for all
shipping costs for returning a puppy for full refund , credit or exchange .

After 3 days of the  puppy purchase , there are no refunds given , only credit may be applied ( at
seller's discretion )  or an exchange puppy may be given to the buyer . Customer is liable for all
shipping costs for returning a puppy .

The puppy will be shipped via united airlines cargo or  flight nanny service or may be picked up locally
.  The puppy is expected to be received within 3 to 10 hours from  the time it leaves phoenix sky
harbor  airport  .  Any questions please call 866-706-8287, fax 888-654-4270 or
info@microteacuppuppy.com and or by mail: 8205 s priest dr tempe az 85284. Your credit card will be
charged by Bands Consulting inc.