Waiting List Club
*** Advantages ***

* Your deposit is good for Life , it
will Never expire .
*You Get
first pick and can purchase the puppy of your choice before we advertised online
*You Get to
see pictures & videos of upcoming puppies before they are advertised
*You Get a
$50 discount on the final  puppy price
* NEW! We offer a full Puppy kit, filled with wardrobe , puppy accessories and more.
No need to be keep monitoring our website daily for new puppy arrivals ,we do the leg work
for you and
we send you updates via email on a weekly basis .
deposit will be applied toward your purchase

THE WAY IT WORKS : You are on our waiting list club, and you start receiving emails of upcoming puppies, You will have 48 hrs to let us know which one you pick
before we advertise them online to the public. Within that time frame you must contact us and let us know which puppy interest you . Once you tell us which puppy
you want to adopt, another deposit will be required so that we can reserve the puppy for you  !! We are on a First come first serve basis , If Someone beats you to it
and calls or emails us regarding the same puppy ,  you will be put as second on the list . So if the person who was interested originally backs out, you will be  next in
line. Remember, We do require an additional deposit of
$500  to secure/ reserve your puppy . We work hard to meet your needs and find you the right teacup puppy.
We also work with many reputable breeders within the Usa  to find you the prefect purse baby.  Our affiliated breeders will help us in the search in finding your
perfect teacup puppy as well , so we work for you ! Deposits are non-refundable but are good indefinitely . The deposit expires when you purchase the puppy from us!

*** Questions & Answers  ***

How do I join the Waiting List ?
It's simple ,we need for you to fill out the "waiting list " contract and fax it back to our office
,along with your deposit OR You can send you an electronic contract which you can sign
online . All we need is you email , just call us or email & send us your email.
payment options for Deposit payments)    

How do I get the "Waiting List " Contract ?
*You can click the link on this page ( above) or we can send you an electronic contract via
email , that can easily be signed online .(no need to fax or mail or scan )

I don't have a fax ,how do send you the waiting list contract ?
No worries , you can click the  following link WAITING LIST CONTRACT and you can fill
out the contract directly on our website :) no need to own a fax , printer r scanner ! A copy
will be sent to your email immediately . You also have an option to download our contract (
see below ) and fax it to us or email it , either way!  

Why do you require a deposit to be on the waiting list?
It ables us to see who is serious and who is not .We make sure that the puppies are available
first to our waiting list club before anyone sees them on the Web , therefore giving  you and
your family a chance to get first pick on that special puppy !!  We also work around the clock
, making sure that we will find you the right puppy per your prerequisite . Also With the
help of family members ( who are in the  business , and affiliate breeders ,   we will be able
to find your perfect dream puppy in no time !

What if there is  a lot of people on the waiting list ,how will i get the puppy of my choice?
We want to remind you that everyone wants something different, so it doesn't matter how
many people are in our club , everyone want different characteristics in a puppy such as :
size, sex, color and breed .  There is No Competition !
There Exception* We work on a
"first come first serve " basis .If someone beats you to the adoption  , you will immediately be
put second in line if the person backs out  . We do give you 48 hrs to decide to adopt our
puppies , so we strongly recommend and encourage that you call/email us as soon as possible
if a puppy interest you , because they sell extremely fast !!

Where does my deposit go after i purchase a puppy from your website ?
Once you have chosen the teacup puppy of your choice , we will automatically credit your
$500 deposit , and your deposit will be deducted from the final puppy amount.

We can't wait to have join our Waiting List Club ~ See you Soon!

Email us if you have any questions


Download "Contract " Click here

A high percentage of pet owners that have purchased via TeacupsPomeranian.com were previously
members of our  Waiting List Club , they only have good things to say about their experiences !